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Meet Kim, the Founder

My life of 52 years thus far has been a journey involving self-acceptance, trust, and overcoming addictions and coping mechanisms to discover self-worth. I was born in Seoul, Korea and given up when I was 5 months old. I was adopted and grew up in a conservative white Christian family in a small town north of Seattle, WA. I struggled with abandonment issues and feelings of isolation when I was growing up. I came out as gay in my 20s, which created more strain on my already faltering relationship with my family. In my early adult life, I rebelled against the judgmental God from my childhood and eventually circled back to spirituality through energy work and now Bhakti yoga.


I have been practicing meditation for most of my adult life and am an avid student of Eastern philosophy. I have been counseling others for over 10 years and have two master's degrees–-one in Spiritual Psychology and the other in Clinical Mental Health. I spent many years as an IT engineer for a Fortune 500 company which trained me to approach problems by seeking the root cause of issues. My approach to problems includes a balance of both left and right-brained perspectives when it comes to healing emotional pain. While I remain fascinated by metaphysics and energy work, I have found greater fulfillment in assisting others through their emotional and relationship challenges. I focus on your relationship with your thoughts by utilizing tools from Cognitive-Behavioral techniques and Inner Child work. My work with couples aligns with evidence-based techniques from leaders in the field of relationship dynamics, including Dr. Gabor Maté, Esther Perel and Doctors John and Julie Gottman.


My training in clinical mental health and transpersonal psychology has helped me create an integrative approach to the root cause of your suffering. I specialize in giving you tools for couples’ communication, emotional regulation, processing childhood pain, and navigating worries and low self-esteem. At the root level, we all struggle with unworthiness, and my work with you focuses on your limiting thoughts that keep you in negative behavioral patterns. I help you to realize that you are not fundamentally broken and teach you tools to move forward in new self-supporting ways.

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Meet Christopher

I have found there is a moment with my clients when the conversation shifts. It is a moment when a person feels seen and understood. At that moment, they have the confidence and openness to resolve issues with their partner and to even take accountability for their role in the conflict. People want and need to be seen. Not only is the need to be seen at the heart of resolution, but it is also at the heart of so many conflicts. 


Most couples seeking help want to improve communication as their primary goal, regardless of the secondary issues they present as complaints, which can be as serious as rebuilding trust after an affair. So why is that communication is the primary concern for couples?


Doctors John and Julie Gottman explain that communication in a relationship boils down to empathy and expressing one's needs.


My goal is to go beyond mediation by helping couples see one another through empathetic listening, which requires more than listening to the words being spoken but having a fuller understanding of the person’s history, values, and core beliefs. We need to get to this place in order to have difficult conversations that require vulnerability and accountability. And because a couple consists of two individuals, this concept is relevant and effective in my work with individual clients.


Individuals and couples come to me looking for insight and tools to transform their behavior and relationships. There are universal tools and methods that I might employ throughout our work based on cognitive behavioral techniques or research conducted by the Gottman Institute, but the most transformative tools are specific and tailored to each individual or couple based on revelations and stories presented through our conversations.


I am deeply invested in helping you experience healing as a creative and collaborative process that requires curiosity, empathy, and experimentation. With the techniques and roadmaps based on research and evidence-based relationship tools taught by Kim Polinder, I am best equipped to help you understand the underlying factors of conflict and behavior needed to make critical transformations for a healthier sense of self and healthier relationships with others.


Looking back on 40 years of spiritual exploration, education, and cultivating my identity, I see how my journey led to a greater sense of self but was also traumatic at various points along the way. By working through these identity issues, I moved from a place of alienation and judgment to cultivating deep relationships within a community; allowing me to now help others explore and cultivate their own sense of identity while resolving past pain and conflicts to deepen the quality of their relationships.


I received my Bachelor of Arts from UCLA. I am a published arts writer and during my free time, you’ll usually find me in an art gallery or museum.

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Meet Annett

After nearly three decades of marriage and being a mother, I have gained invaluable insights into navigating long-term relationships. My passion lies in challenging and encouraging couples to explore uncharted territory, consider new perspectives, and take personal responsibility while striving for your shared goals.


My work of overcoming and persevering through hardship helps me better inspire you in the realization that you already have everything it takes to live your best and brightest life--it is never too late to be great! I love to share simple and actionable advice that helps you get consistent wins and stay encouraged on your journey.

At an age when most people have given up on their dreams, I gave myself a do-over. Inspired by Emerson's idea that "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment," I was determined to do whatever it took to live an uncommon life.


Embracing that philosophy, I returned to dance at the age of 43 after giving it up for over 20+ years. I discovered that it was a focused mindset coupled with various practices including yoga and meditation that helped me overcome lifelong challenges. My limiting beliefs around my value as a human being, my offerings as an artist, and a victim mentality had kept me trapped in a cycle of depression and unhealthy habits.


My experience includes a BA in dance education, 200-hour certified yoga teacher, coaching certification, public speaking, and sharing my experiences via podcasting on various topics including mindset and productivity. My mentorship under Kim Polinder has shaped how I help others deal with limiting beliefs about self-worth, relationships, and creativity. Currently, I am completing a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health to complete licensure for therapy.


As a coach, I assist couples in fostering healthy communication and connection to develop a successful relationship. Working in harmony with you, I help facilitate an environment where each person can safely express their needs and feelings to each other, be willing to compromise, and have the best opportunity to experience change and growth. I emphasize the importance of understanding one another’s perspective, accepting responsibility for mistakes, and empathizing with the other person. Together we’ll rediscover the essential components of a healthy relationship, so you are better equipped to build a strong and lasting bond where each person feels seen, heard, and understood.

Text the Polinder Coaching Group: +1-562-514-4282

Insurance: Polinder Coaching Group does not accept insurance and does not send out superbills

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Meet Mason

Growing up in Southern VA as part of a Baptist family, I spent most of my childhood leading a hidden, dual life I wasn’t able to share with those closest to me. After going through my own healing journey, and becoming a life-long student of Bhakti Yoga and Eastern philosophy, I’ve dedicated my time to helping others feel seen, understood, and heal the conflicting spheres of their lives so that they, too, are able to find vulnerability; in and out of relationships.


I have a background in screenwriting with a BA in film and video studies, in conjunction with over 300 certified hours as a Yoga meditation teacher. With a coaching certification and personal mentorship under Kim Polinder, while currently completing a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health, I am equipped to help you achieve your desired progress. My goal is to help you walk away with the tools to continue having deeper clarity of how you operate.


I utilize cognitive-behavioral techniques to help you gain an understanding and insight into your story, as well as have the lexicon to better understand your partner’s experience. I focus on empathy and understanding, as they are the foundation for helping you create shifts in your life.

Conflict always remains unresolved because of miscommunication and not feeling understood. I like to work with couples by actively listening and helping them explore where their deepest upsets may come from. From there, we can use techniques and tools to help you both clearly express empathy and understanding to strengthen your relationship.

Text the Polinder Coaching Group: +1-562-514-4282

Insurance: Polinder Coaching Group does not accept insurance and does not send out superbills

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