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Secure Together:
Understanding Attachment Styles & Self-Worth

Oct 4-7, 2024

Our Coaching Specialties

Ultimately, people just want to be understood and cared for in their relationships. The biggest goal our couples clients come to us for is communication. We also work with individual clients if you are seeking to improve your self-worth and communication with others.

Processing Resentment

Whether you are navigating friendships, relationships, or family dynamics, we will teach you step-by-step tools to process past arguments and move toward resolution.

Healing Betrayal

Many couples come to us trying to heal from infidelity and betrayals. We give you communication tools to help you process your pain and rebuild trust.

Family Relationships

We help you identify core wounds from your childhood that keep you in unhealthy communication patterns with family members. We help you find your voice so that you can draw boundaries and express your needs.

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Kim Polinder, Founder

Seeking guidance can be intimidating, and we are honored to help you take the next step. We aim to equip you with communication skills and self-reflection tools to create shifts in how you view yourself and others.


I personally mentor all of my coaches and have trained them on my approach to relationship coaching and conflict resolution. We are here to teach you tools and exercises to help you practice communication, emotional regulation, and compromise.

How Coaching Can Change Your Relationships

Communication Tools


Conflict Resolution

We teach you new ways to communicate, empathize, and validate your partner. Through mirroring and reflection exercises, you will learn how to feel understood by others. We also teach you how to identify and express your needs which is essential for a healthy sense of self. 

We guide you in understanding your deepest triggers, and how those triggers color your daily interactions with others. By processing struggles from the past, you will better understand your attachment style and what you need to feel secure with friends, family, and romantic partners.

We incorporate evidence-based approaches based on decades of research from leaders in the field of couples conflict resolution. We teach you tools and exercises to systematically approach processing past resentments and future relationship planning. 

Communication   ~   Empathy   ~   Connection


"If we understand the underlying cause of what we think of as bad in someone, instead of being hateful, we will be compassionate."

Radhanath Swami

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