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Virtual Workshops & Replays

Click to register for Kim's upcoming workshops or watch replays of past workshops. All workshops average 1-2 hours in length.

WATCH REPLAY: Healing  Mother Wounds

Learn how to identify and process mother wounds. How to grieve the mother you wished you had. How to set boundaries for the relationship you wish to have now. Saturday, Sept 9th @ 11am PDT/2pm EDT.

WATCH REPLAY: Back in the Dating Pool - Red Flags, Self-Esteem, and Expressing Your Needs

Learn to recognize red flags, heal from gaslighting and narcissistic exes, and identify and express your needs. Wednesday, Aug 2nd @ 5pm PDT/8pm EDT.

WATCH REPLAY: Tips for Emotional Regulation

Learn tools for how to navigate your emotional reactivity, including self-soothing and figuring out the root of your pain.

WATCH REPLAY: Understanding Triggers and Mother & Father Wounds

Learn how to trace the steps back to the origin of your core wounds and how your deepest triggers affect all of your interactions with others.

WATCH REPLAY: Learn Empathy & Mirroring Exercises with Your Partner

Learn tips and exercises for how to demonstrate empathy, listen, and mirror back to your partner to validate them.

WATCH REPLAY: How to Handle Resentment with Others

Learn the two types of resentment, how to navigate anger, and how to move forward when the other person isn't a part of the conversation.

WATCH REPLAY: How to Set Boundaries...and be okay with it.

Learn tools for navigating fear, guilt, and in-laws. Understand how your sense of self affects your ability to set boundaries.

WATCH REPLAY: How to Deal with a Difficult Parent

Learn tools for processing core wounds, communicating with family, and how to draw boundaries. [**AUDIO ONLY**]

WATCH REPLAY: How to Handle Betrayals & Infidelity in Your Relationship

Learn how to handle past resentment and betrayals, and how to communicate to build trust and repair your relationship.

WATCH REPLAY: How to Improve Couples Communication

Learn tools on conflict resolution, empathy, apologies, and handling resentment.

WATCH REPLAY: How to Move Past the 4 Predictors of a Breakup

Learn how to navigate the 4 styes of arguing. Dr John Gottman calls these the "4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse" because of their potential detriment for long-term relationships.

What Attendees Say...

Afternoon Light
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Angela R.

"I learned so much from your workshop on resentment. I can't wait for the next one!"
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